Soft Reset

Advice, opinions, and revelations of a non-traditional Software Engineer.

Finding that first job

Jan 21, 2022   ·  3 min

Finding your first job developing software can be a daunting task even for those with a degree. Without a formal education, how does one go about getting their foot in the door? There is plenty...

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Degree, Bootcamp, or Null

Jan 07, 2022   ·  4 min

Having a software-related degree or other formal training, while helpful, is not always necessary to secure a job as a developer or to be successful in it. In this post, I will discuss my thoughts...

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Typing Productively

May 21, 2021   ·  3 min

Another almost essential skill and productivity booster is the effective use of your keyboard. Learning to use keyboard shortcuts (rather than a mouse) wherever possible and Touch Typing (rather than the hunt-and-peck method) can greatly...

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Taking Notes

Apr 16, 2021   ·  5 min

I believe one of the most valuable habits I have picked up over the years is note-taking. Every day I both take notes and reference notes from the past. Here, I’ll discuss some of the...

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Getting (re)started

Apr 09, 2021   ·  4 min

When I decided to get back into software development after about a decade of no programming, I had many false starts. The two biggest roadblocks were finding the time and finding direction (what to study)....

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