Soft Reset

Advice, opinions, and revelations of a non-traditional Software Engineer.


Michael Gilchrist

Software Engineer

About Me

My name is Michael Gilchrist and I am a non-traditional Software Engineer. By ‘non-traditional’, I mean I did not obtain a degree in Computer Science or related field. I did not obtain a degree at all, for that matter.

My Past

I did spend two years studying (or at least pretending to study) Computer Science in college. I was not making much progress, so I took some time off to gather my thoughts. I spent a half decade forgetting most of what little I had learned while working a few general labor jobs. I then got back into tech through an entry level Technical Support position. After a few years, I switched to another company, still providing technical support before getting back into programming. All-in-all, 12+ years from leaving college to re-deciding to start a career in software development.

My Present

I am about 6 years in (as of 2021) developing software for a medical device manufacturing company. I develop software for our Radiology and patient safety product lines as well as tools to aide in the manufacturing process.

I have a passion for writing software to improve productivity and believe that using software should be intuitive, requiring little to no instruction.

My Future

I am starting this blog with the goal of passing along some tips, tricks, and advice to those jumping back into a software career, getting into it for the first time, and those aspiring to be programmers who have not yet started the journey.